Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rad Run Trail Conditions

I marked the Rad Run Adventure Race Course today (Wednesday). There are 99 stakes with pink paint at the top to indicate the route at trail junctions, and road/river crossings. The entire course should be marked well enough to take a test run.

At trail junctions, a stake on the right side of the trail indicates a right turn, left side equals a left turn. If two stakes are parallel to each other (forming a gate) the trail goes through them to the next indicator. Some crossings have 1 stake each on opposite sides of the crossing for visual cues. I also used stakes for visual cues if the trail seemed overgrown with vegetation.

We will inspect the course Friday afternoon, and add pink paint markings where needed.

The course is in excellent condition for this event with plenty of mud!!! Slopes are firm, but not too hard. The river is safe to cross in both places, and the boy scout trail section was mowed to more clearly show the route. Mark Swenson has done an excellent job preparing the course where needed.

Hope to see you out there this weekend. Saturday morning should be good weather for a run!

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