Monday, June 4, 2012


Runners lined up at the mark,
Toes on line, eyes a-spark.
Up the hill at frantic pace,
Ducking rope all in your face.
Mud and rocks, sweat and grit,
Grind it out, take a hit.
Find your balance on the trunk,
Drenched in sweat and muddy gunk.
Jump the hay, what the heck,
Duck the branch, hit the deck.
Sprint and leap, run and crash,
Let’s get it on, this dirty dash.
Hit the trail, ford the stream,
Find a path and go full steam.
What you're made of?  Let’s find out.
Clear the mudhole, give a shout.
Grab a log and lug it far,
With the elements, time to spar.
Branches scratch, twigs will crack.
Halfway home, let’s take it back. 
Over the river, through the wood,
But this ain’t your grandma’s neighborhood.
Tiptoe on the hilly trail,
Rumble down into the dale.
Legs are pumping, lungs they gasp,
A personal win within your grasp. 
Blasts of water, adrenaline.
Covered in mud – hey, where you been? 
Tell the stories to those who wait,
Grab a drink and celebrate.
Of wild adventure, oh so fun,

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