Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little dirt....ALOT of Pride!

No speed needed, all you need is a desire for fitness and fun!!  Creating this event from the ground up has been a blast!  The trails are beautiful but yet create a challenge.  I am so excited to share this event with all the potential new Rad Run race fans!  You are sure to have a great time!
The XTC class went out and even ran the trail WITHOUT the obstacles and came back grinning from ear to ear and made me take a group photo.  The pride was beeming from each of their faces!  How fun!  They were wet, dirty, and sporting a few scratches from this new adventure they took on.  They conquered though....the high river (from all the rain) did not stop them either.  I am so proud of that group. 
So ROCK ON future Rad Run Racers....June 9th is just around the corner!

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